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Hawk Carts

Single Seat Utility Cart

Single Seat Utility Cart

A great little utility cart to access tight situations such as marinas unit blocks and resort facilities. Powered by a 1300w motor the cart is nippy and has the power to tow a small trailer behind.


Your very own cart - no more sharing
Quality cart without compromising on style
Less storage area required
Fits onto a standard 6' x 4' trailer
Sealed wet cell batteries – no fumes or top ups required
Anti roll away system - no hand brake required
Fold up arm rest to allow easier access to cart
Electro magnetic brake system - when you remove your foot from the accelerator the brake is automatically initiated when stopped the hand brake is automatically applied.
Safe & Secure
No pollutants - can be used indoors
Reduced maintenance costs - less than 50 moving parts
A round of golf can be up to 30 minutes shorter using a single golf cart
Will fit onto most travelators & into most lifts


Maximum Speed: 14kmh

Maximum Travel Distance: 50-60km

Slope Climbing Capacity: 20%

Brake Range: 3m

Carrying Capacity: 200kg

Turning Radius: 3m

Weight: 260kg (including batteries)

Power Supply

Battery: 12V94Ah*3 Discover

Motor: 36V1300W

Controller: Curtis DC36V/16A

Accelerator: Hall Accelerator

Charger: Delta Q Charger 36V/18A


Rear: Leaf Spring with Hydraulic Shock Absorbers

Front: Adjustable Coil over Shock Absorber

Steering: Rack & Pinion

Braking: Electro Magnetic / Rear Wheel Drum


Chassis: Steel

Tyres: 13*6.50-6NHS 4 Ply

Ground Clearance: 100mm

Standard Features

Delivered fully assembled & charged - ready to go
Steel Chassis
Reversing Horn
Fully Automatic Efficiency Charger
Battery Status Indicator
Golf Bag Bracket
Lockable glove boxes
Colours Available – Black, Navy & Champagne


Wet Weather Covers
12v Outlet
Split Windscreen

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