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Hawk Carts

Wild Warrior UTV 7.5KW 72V

Wild Warrior UTV 7.5KW 72V


This cart is capable of 250km per charge but when the battery gets to 25% the range extender generator will kick in and the cart will then travel another 100km. Travel distance will obviously reduce when the invertor is in use. The 6000W Invertor allows use of power tools in even the remotest of locations.

The cart will carry up to 250kg in the rear tray and includes an electric/hydraulic tray lift. It will tow up to 1.5t with a ball weight of 200kg provided the trailer has independent brakes. We can set the cart up for electric brakes on the trailer.

Key Components

Motor: Permanent magnet synchronous motor 7.5kw

Controller: Permanent magnet synchronous motor controller 72V 350A

Brake system: Front disc / Rear Hub

Battery: Lithium-ion 76.8V 252AH

Accelerator: Non-contact angle sensor accelerator (completely sealed/patent product)

Charger: Smart 72V 30A charger (IP67 waterproof)

Rear axle: Three-stage transmission rear axle, with electromagnetic brake & diff lock

Performance and Dimensions

Front/Rear wheel track: 1190/1280mm

Wheelbase: 2210mm

Ground clearance: 300mm

Minimun turning radius: 4.2m

Maximum speed: 1-40km/h adjustable, can add fast/slow gear switch

Gradeability: ≦30%

Range(flat ground): 250km (load 300kg)

Net weight: 560Kg (Not included battery)

Vehicle dimension(L*W*H): 3235*1310*1920 mm

Rear Tray dimension(L*W*H): 1200*1100*300mm

Standard configuration

Vehicle exterior trimming: Sheet metal electrolytic board, DuPont spray paint coloring

Meter: Digital Meter, electric meter, speedo, fast speed, slow speed display

Seat: High back soft seat

Electric start lock: Equipped with standard key

Forward/backward gear switch: Waterproof rocker switch

Windshield: AS1 laminated glass

Vehicle color: Black, special colors will incur additional charge

Steering system: One-way gear, rack steering system (automatic clearance compensation function)

Front Suspension: Multi-link 2 independent coil spring suspension

Trailer switch: Maintenance is easier and faster

Rear Suspension: Multi-link 2 independent coil spring suspension

Tyres: Wanda 23*10.5-12 tires, off-road tread pattern

Bottom plate: Aluminum pattern bottom plate

Chassis: LG700XL steel beam, cathodic electrophoresis + plastic spray anti-rust

Aluminum Rim: 12" aluminum wheels

Seatbelts: Three-point

Range extender (petrol single cylinder engine): 72V 5KW Air-cooled


Cruise control
IP67 waterproof speaker (high-quality double speakers)
High and low speed selection
Electric power steering system (turning lamp automatic reset function + dial lock)
Hazard Lights
LED integrated headlights (IP67 waterproof rating, daytime running lights, turn signals)
Flashing Amber Roof Light
Tow Hitch
Controller unit with temperature control cooling fan
6000W Invertor
Wet weather curtains
Electric brackes


Optional color






Customized Color

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