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Cool Dry Seat Covers - Razorback

Cool Dry Seat Covers - Razorback

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Enjoy the next generation of seat covers for your golf cart.

Cool Dry Covers are made with a unique 3-dimensional mesh material which provide a cushioning layer of comfort while keeping you raised off a hot, cold or wet seat. Made in Australia to the highest standards with quality materials Cool Dry Covers are backed by a one-year warranty.

  • Added comfort from the cushioning layer,
  • Circulating air means a much cooler seat,
  • Water flows through so you stay above the puddles,
  • Added protection to help maintain your asset value,
  • Great fit from specific sizing = no slipping around.

Whether it's to add comfort, protect a newer seat or cover up a tired one, Cool Dry Covers seat covers look great while keeping you comfortable in all weather conditions. 

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