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Hawk Carts

Hawk Scooter 500w Dual Motor

Hawk Scooter 500w Dual Motor

The Hawk scooter with a 500W dual motor configuration offers a blend of power and efficiency, making it suitable for various riding conditions. Here are some features you might expect from such a scooter:

  • Dual Motor Power: Provides a balanced and powerful ride, with the ability to tackle inclines and maintain speed.
  • Battery Life: A robust battery system to support the dual motors and provide a range of 50km on a single charge.
  • Suspension System: Independent suspension system to absorb shocks and provide a smooth ride.
  • Safety Features: Equipped with reliable brakes, lights, and an anti-theft system for secure parking.
  • User Interface: A digital display to monitor speed, battery life, and other important ride metrics.

These features combine to offer a scooter that is both fun to ride and practical for daily commuting or leisurely explorations.


Maximum Speed: 30kmh

Maximum Travel Distance: 50km

Slope Climbing Capacity: 1 in 3 grade (full load)

Turning Radius: 2.6m

Weight: 425kg

Power Supply

Battery: 8V170AH*6

Motor: 48V5KWAC

Controller: American Curtis Controller

Accelerator: Non-contact angle sensor accelerator

Charger: RD Internal Transformer type charger 48V 17A


Front:  Independent-suspension double swing arm system

Rear: Semi independent suspension - spring hydraulic cushioning

Steering: Self compensating rack & pinion, steering double output

Braking: 4 Wheel Hydraulic Disc brakes; Auto Park Brake


Chassis: High Strength Aluminium Structural Main Girder

Wheel Base: 1700mm

Tyres: 22*10-12 4 Ply

Ground Clearance: 150mm

Standard Inclusions

4Kw AC Motor
4 Wheel Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Auto Park Brake
Regenerative braking
Trojan batteries
Curtis Controller
On Board Charger
Full light system including blinkers
Mag Wheels
Tinted Split windscreen
Aluminium Frame
Plastic underbody


5kW AC Motor
Petrol Generator - Range Extender
Power steering
Differential Lock
Rear Tray Electric Lift
Mamo Sports Steering Wheel
Wet Weather Curtains
High/Low speed
12V & USB outlets
Hazard Lights
Stabiliser Bar
Side Rail Guards
Rear view mirror
Side mirrors
Steering Lock
Lockable glove box
Tow Hitch
Tie Down Points on Rear Tray
Seat belts
Rhox Stereo sound system
LED Side mirrors
Auto turn off blinkers
High back soft seats
Hanging rack for tools
LED Roof Mounted Driving Lights
Flashing Roof lights – front & rear
Cruise Control


Overall Dimensions

Width: 1485mm

Length: 3140mm

Height: 1210mm

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