About Us

Hawk Carts is an Australian Owned Company who provide electric vehicles of great quality, style and value for money. Our vehicles are manufactured to the highest standard using stringent quality control measures recognised by international standards.

All our vehicles are electric as we believe this is the way of the future due to its lack of environmental impact. Together with its smooth, quite and ease of operation our vehicles have less than 50 moving parts and eliminate the need for fuel, tune-ups and oil changes, making maintenance costs almost non-existent.

These vehicles are so versatile they can even be used indoors making them ideal for hospitality, shopping centres, stables and industrial purposes. In addition to the above advantages they need only to be plugged into a normal power point overnight (6-8 hours) to be completely re-charged and ready to go the next morning.

Hawk Carts are constantly reviewing latest developments in technology and making improvements to our vehicle designs to ensure our Customers are purchasing the best product available.

All our vehicles come with a 3 year limited* warranty and we carry an extensive range of spare parts and accessories which can be express posted or couriered all over Australia, so any inconvenience can be kept to a minimum. An extended warranty is available upon request.

Hawk Carts have a diverse range of electric vehicles available. Hawk Carts are in use in golf clubs, mines, resorts, horse studs, caravan parks, security organisations, factories, B&B's, commercial properties, airports, retirement villages, wineries, sports stadiums, private properties and many more.


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